Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation In NYC

Everyone knows that fire can cost lives. For business owners, a fire can also devastate their business and destroy valuable merchandise, financial records and customer information that can be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. Many business owners protect their businesses with a professional commercial fire sprinkler installation. These systems are cost-effective and are proven […]

Hiring Best Manhattan Plumbers NYC

5 Tips for Hiring the Best Manhattan Plumbers

When something goes wrong with your water line, or even when you need help maintaining your water heater, you need to find a plumber. Of course, just any plumber is not enough.  You need to find the best Manhattan plumbers NYC has to offer. To help you accomplish that feat, here are five tips to […]

Restuarant Plumbing Repair Done Right

Rapid Response is Vital for Restaurant Plumbing Repair

Time is money, as they say. For restaurants in New York City, waiting on a plumber can have serious consequences. The time it takes your plumbing contractor to find your business and get through your door can mean lost sales, lost customers and expensive damages to your commercial property. So when you need restaurant plumbing repair, […]

Solve Plumbing Noises Quality Fittings

Plumbing Company Can Help Solve Plumbing Noises

It is normal for homes to make different noises, and once you have lived in a house for a while, you probably don’t even notice them. However, plumbing noises can be disconcerting to homeowners. At times, they can be so loud, you might wonder if there is a serious problem. If the situation is worsening […]

Best Plumbers In Manhattan Ceiling Pipes

The Best Plumbers in Manhattan

Kew Forest is a plumbing and heating service company serving Manhattan, NYC. The enterprise started in 1929; this makes it a company grounded on experience and works with knowledgeable professionals to bring about effective and efficient service delivery. With the change in technology, these Manhattan based plumbers are steadfast in utilizing modern technology to produce […]

Best Plumbing Company In NYC Tools

Renovating a House? Get the Best Plumbing Company in NYC

Renovating an old house often requires more than just putting in modern appliances and countertops. There will typically be damage to the home’s infrastructure, such as its plumbing and wiring, as well. This is simply because of the way age affects all things. Repairing old plumbing is different from simply performing ongoing maintenance. Problems such […]

Manhattan Radiant Heating Installation Tubing

Professional Manhattan Radiant Heating Installation

While you may not be thinking about your home’s heating system in August, winter will return before you know it, bringing the bitter cold with it. If you live in Manhattan and are looking at radiant heating for your home, we specialize in Manhattan radiant heating installation. Here are just a few of the reasons […]

Radiant Heat Contractor Laying Radiant Heat Floor

Learn What Makes this Radiant Heat Contractor so Special

Other than being a family owned business founded in 1929, Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating Inc. is a solid and reliable radiant heat contractor serving Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Big or small, we consistently have the most modern and proven radiant heating technology. And should an issue arise, we can fix whatever problem […]

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