Insights to Tankless Water Heaters

Insights into High-Efficiency Gas-Fired Tankless Water Heaters

So you are contemplating replacing your old water heater and have heard about the new high-efficiency gas-fired tankless water heaters, but you are not sure how to start. Look no further, Kew Forest Plumbing provides insights into these practical, energy-saving devices.  We are experts at successfully installing high-efficiency gas-fired tankless water heaters for homeowners in […]

Thin Slab Radiant Heat

What Is Clean, Safe, Economical Thin Slab Radiant Heat?

Thin slab radiant heat is a hot water heating system installed underneath the finished floor. Channels carrying heat are put into the subflooring (the part underneath the part you see and walk on). In theory, these channels can carry heated air, heated water, or electricity to heating elements. In actual practice, water is the most […]

Radiant Heat Residential Benefits

The Benefits of Modern Radiant Heat Residential Installation

Radiant floor heating is an energy saving heating technology that utilizes the fact that warm air rises. Rather than utilizing air circulation to heat a home, radiant heat residential utilizes tubing (usually modern cross-linked polyethylene) placed underneath the floor to circulate warm water throughout the room. This system is then able to heat from the […]

Thin Slab Radiant Heat Benefits

The Benefits of Thin Slab Radiant Heat for Home Heating

Thin slab radiant heat is a heating system that gets installed by Kew Forest Plumbing professionals into the actual flooring of your house. Thin slab radiant heat is a thin slab of material (usually concrete) with a heating element (usually a hot water pipe) running throughout. This thin slab radiant heat then rests atop your […]

Backflow Preventer NYC Why Is It Important

What Is So Important About A Backflow Preventer NYC?

A backflow preventer NYC is a critical device in large population centers such as NYC. It prevents contaminated water from backflowing into the city’s drinking water supply. So unless you are fond of drinking dirty laundry water, read on. The Water Quality Culprits NYC has an undeserved reputation for having lousy drinking water. However, the […]

Kew Forest Plumbing staff

Always hire a licensed plumber!

From the homeowner’s perspective, it can be inviting to try to save some money by handling plumbing repairs by themselves. Nevertheless, the risks involved are rarely worth the savings – especially since in most cases it ends up costing you more in the long run.  Trying to save a few dollars by handling plumbing repair […]

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